The Producers Group is a premier provider of production and design services for destination attractions including integrated resorts, museums, casinos, and theme parks worldwide. TPG works with developers to manage the creation of guest experiences from start to finish or at any stage along the process. We are specialists in balancing creative vision, technical design and budget realities throughout the project phases, with an emphasis on schedules, legalities, high-risk projects and production. For years, The Producers Group has provided expert services worldwide to high-level Design and Production firms. We have also collaborated with Owners, Developers, major attraction operators, and major museums – at every level. TPG performs these with utmost professionalism. No matter where you are in the production process – no matter which phase of the project you are in TPG adds tremendous value.

Turnkey Attractions

Turnkey Attractions are best defined as: The client hires one company to lead and produce the attraction from that point to the opening of the attraction. The magic of Turnkey Attractions is the lack of headaches for the owner / developer. TPG handles all the issues associated with creative development, budget compliance, and technical integration. We keenly lead the interface with the owner’s architect, the general contractor, and the owner’s ride vendor. Throughout the design phases, we generate cohesive design packages and interface with the IP holder. Because we are production experts, we check feasibility along each step in the process. In production, our team goes into the field to install the show elements into the attraction, cleverly program the shows, and manage the overall process to a successful completion and grand opening to the public. We even take care of training of the owner’s maintenance and operations staff, and provide the warranty during the defect liability period.

Production Management

TPG’s Production Management services help support the build phase of projects – This involves pre-production steps and production teams in the field. Before we go into the field, our Production Management team works with the client on finalizing documentation, verifying the vendors are clear on their scope, schedule and budget, and cross-checking the facility impacts through the owner’s engineer-of-record and facility general contractor. We then send our teams of expert production and technical management staff into the field to coordinate and lead the day-to-day pre-installation readiness, installation and programming tasks on site. We integrate vendor equipment, the facility, and specialty media into the final attraction.

Content Development

In the design phases, our Content Development services take the seed of the idea through final design. In the initial stages, when there is only an inkling of the concept, our team will determine fundamental parameters, interface with the economic feasibility and IP, and wrap in clever-thinking and conceptual development, in order to develop the initial project program. Having the park program allows the project to progress smoothly through the concept design phase, schematic design phase, and further design phases to a completed design package – ready for informing the architecture, and allowing production of the attraction through TPG’s turnkey attraction development or through our production services.

Technical Design

Complex themed projects succeed because of expertly integrated Technical Design. TPG specializes in designing and documenting attractions, so real people can build a real attraction at a fixed price. This means we integrate the creative concepts into the audio video systems, the projection systems, the show control system, the show lighting, special effects, show action equipment, animated figures, water effects, and any other specialty systems. Technical Design documents are generated in each phase of a project – concept design, schematic design, and detailed design. We can perform this service as a subcontractor, or as a prime contractor. Many times, we are a white label provider to other design firms and architects.